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Faculty members

Master students

Peter Lillevang (February 2022-June 2022, external Master thesis at Arla Foods Amba)

Fezan Mukhtar (December 2021-February 2022, AU international student from University of Helsinki)

Karina Høgsgaard (September 2021-June 2022, co-hosted by Dept. Food Science)

Lucia Huertas Diaz (September 2021-June 2022, main host Dept. Food Science)

Mie Henriette Løve Christensen (September 2021-June 2022)

Bachelor students

Asta Petrine Smedegaard Krings (February-June 2022)

Oliver Gam Fiehn (February-June 2022)

Simone Sørensen (February-June 2021)

Lærke Hartmann Østergaard (February-June 2021)

Lasse Wiis Raven (at ISI Food Protection, February-June 2021)

Casper Thorvaldsen Jermiin (February-June 2021)

Interns/Project students/Student assistants

Ena Buljubasic, student assistant (July-September 2022)

Micael Libertello (March-August 2022, visiting Erasmus+ student from University of Pavia, Italy)

Fezan Muktar, AU international student from University of Helsinki, Finland (October-November 2021)

Flavie Rousset from Ecole Nationale Veterinaire Toulouse, France (July/August 2021)

External lab members

Eugenio Ingribelli (PhD candidate at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, Dept. Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietics, co-supervised by C. Schwab, starting 01/22)


Dr. Fariba Ghiamati Yazdi (10/2020-09/2021)

Dr. Alejandro Ramirez Garcia, graduated in Nov 2021 as external lab member at ETH Zürich, now Lonza, CH