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Industrial Biotechnology

The aim of the Industrial Biotechnology section is to provide biobased and sustainable solutions for industrial, environmental, food and health related applications. Our research contributes to solving some of the challenges -  environmental and technical -  that our society has to deal with.

We study the fundamental basics of enzymes and microbes, and translate our knowledge to optimize bioprocesses, to produce chemicals and to modify micro- and macromolecules in artificial and natural ecosystems. Our research profiles combine expertise in enzyme engineering, biocatalysis, microbial engineering and synthesis, microbiome research and food (bio-)technology. The section has state of the art-facilities for molecular cloning, protein expression and engineering, microbial cultivation at aerobic and anaerobic conditions, an analytical platform and a food processing pilot plant.

The section contributes to the Bachelor and Master programs in Biotechnology at Aarhus University.

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