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In the 21st century, we are facing a rapidly expanding global population that exerts mounting strains on water demand and safety. The ubiquitous presence of emerging contaminants (ECs) such as PFAS in water sources (e.g., subsurface water and groundwater) poses serious health threats to both humans and the environment. Yet, conventional treatment technologies have failed to remove those ECs in wastewater treatment plants, necessitating innovation and upgrade in current technologies. Our research interests are motivated by the need to address these problems and are focused toward a fundamental understanding of the nexus of contaminant-water-environment.

Our research group offers challenging and novel projects for students aiming for a career in research fields such as: 

  • PFAS removal and degradation
  • radical-based advanced oxidation processes
  • synthesis of novel photocatalytic materials
  • hybrid membrane processes
  • bipolar membrane electrodialysis
  • power-to-X