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Water Engineering Innovation

By applying sustainable principles, the Lab for Water Engineering Innovation (WEI) is developing different physicochemical methods fit for the challenge of green transition in water and energy production.

A sustainable water system means clean water supply with minimum energy consumption, while a sustainable energy scheme requires the utilization of green energy, such as hydrogen produced from (clean) water electrolysis, to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning.

We are working to sort out the relationship between the water needed to produce energy (e.g., green H2 energy) and the energy needed to extract, clean, and distribute water (e.g., sustainable removal of micropollutants from water). Green transition also spurs the demand for resource recovery from waste streams, with the mindset of reducing energy consumption in manufacturing. Therefore, eco-friendly technology without chemical addition, such as electrodialysis, is desired to reuse concentrated nutrient or metal streams that can promote economic savings, circular economy, and zero discharge.