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  1. Quantitative elastography of the uterine cervix and prediction of labor induction

    Puk Sandager , Niels Uldbjerg , Christine Rohr Thomsen (Antonsen) & Mogens Hinge

    The aim of this study is to:
    • Assess the intra- and interobserver reliability of elastography of the cervix with a cap of a water-based material as reference material
    • Assess the correlation between compressibility of the uterine cervical tissue evaluated by quantitative elastography and the success of induction of labor

    Evaluation of the cervical tissue by quantitative elastography in post-term pregnant women can predict the success of induction of labor.


  2. Gel for ultrasound imaging

    Mogens Hinge


  3. Obstetrics: New principles for quantitative elastography of the human uterine cervix

    Christine Rohr Thomsen (Antonsen) , Isil Pinar Bor , Niels Uldbjerg , Puk Sandager & Mogens Hinge

    The overall aim of the study is to develop in vitro and to assess in women a clinical useful method for assessment of the biomechanical properties of the uterine cervix. The technique is based on elastography combined with a reference cap, already developed in collaboration with Mogens Hinge and his group at the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University. Beskrivelse


  4. Molecular Adhesive for Strong and Durable Bonding of Rubber to Metal

    Michal Kazimierz Budzik , Simon Heide-Jørgensen & Mogens Hinge

    Adhesives are used throughout industry, but many contain toxics and others are not reliable or durable. But what if you could merge two materials together using clean molecular bonding? That is exactly what scientists are working on right now.Beskrivelse