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Grass can be used for more, than you think (2022) (Danish) In Denmark, we import more than one-million-ton protein per year – mainly soy protein from South America and USA. It’s cost-intensive and not very sustainable. Therefore, there’s a huge potential in the project, GO-GRASS, which Michael Støckler talks about in this video. Cause we can extract protein from grass grown in Denmark for feed to monogastric animals – and then avoid importing protein across the planet. Are you curious to know more about the project, you are welcome to contact Michael Støckler on mcs@foodbiocluster.dk. This video is produced as a part of the GO-GRASS-project (www.go-grass.eu).
GOGRASS: how Danish grass replaces Soy in animal feed (2021) Soy cultivation and import put enormous pressure on natural areas, biodiversity and our climate. We want to change that! At our CBIO demonstration site we are looking for locally grown and sustainable alternatives for animal feed. We do this in corporation with Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, Velas Rådgivning, Institute for Food Studies & Agro industrial Development - IFAU.
Græs-Prof: A new maceration technique can increase the protein production (2021) (Danish) In the second year of the Græs-Prof project, the demoplatform at Aarhus University tested a new maceration technique of the grass before it goes into the screw press. The macerated grasses are mixed with green juice from the screw press and the watery slurry is pumped through a Rotacutter and then a Disruptor. This way, the grass material is severe macerated before it goes to the screw press, and it’s easy to feed the screw press without any blocking, which has been a problem with fresh cut grass. Preliminary results have shown that this technique can increase the protein production significant compared to the techniques that previously has been tested at the demo platform.
DCA: Harvest of Green Biomass (2019) Watch the process from harvest to the separation of green leaf protein.
AU: Green Biorefinery - A green deal for agriculture (2020) This is a short video from our demonstration platform showing the process from cut grass to juice.

Green Biorefining Technologies is a part of CBIO's research and activities.