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We develop power-to-gas technology based on gas fermentation by the use of active microorganisms – or active microbial communities – as biological catalysts. By using knowledge on gas mass transfer, systems engineering and microbial physiology, we engineer these complex systems to catalyze the desired process.

Our primary workhorse(s) is the methanogens, a group of Archaea, that catalyze the formation of methane. We study both the methanogenic communities that can utilize hydrogen (H2) as electron carrier, as well as methanogens that can utilize electrons directly from a cathodic surface in bioelectrochemical cells. 

Although our primary focus is biomethation, catalyzing the conversion of electricity to carbon-based fuels, we also work within a range of different areas and projects within bioengineering and industrial microbiology, including anaerobic digestion, wastewater treatment and air cleaning.