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  1. "C1 to Cn: Rewrite energy path by enabling autotrophic growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on CO2 (Acronym: C1-to-Cn biopath)" (DFF-FTP Project 2) (2023-2027)
  2. "Exploiting the Biocatalytic Potential of a NovelPolymethoxyflavone Demethylase System for Organic Synthesis and Lignin Valorization” (DFF-FTP Project 1) (2023-2026)
  3. Kort og beskrivende for projektet på dansk og uden forkortelser ” funded by Mælkeafgiftsfonden (MFF) (also called The Danish Dairy Research Foundation, DDRF) (2023-2024)
  4. Hydroprocessing Sustainable Fuels for Aviation and Heavy Transport (Acronym: HyProFuel” Funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) (2022-2025).
  5. Aqua Cleaner: Synergy of Enzyme and Photocatalyst for Defluorination of PFAS (Acronym: SEP-Def)” novo nordisk fonden (NNF), (2021-2024)
  6. “SMiL – Special Milk Lipids for Health”, funded by Arla Food for Health, (2021-2024).
  7. “Combating plastic pollution: de novo discovery of enzyme to break C-C backbone (Acronym: Combastic)”, DFF-FTP Project 1 (2020-2023).
  8. “New ways to design foods: Programmable Synthesis of Lipids and Continuous Liquid Interface (3D) Printing” Industrial ph.d. project Jointed funding by Larodan AU iFOOD Center-GSTS (2020-2023)