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June 2023

Yeast, trees and stock markets: 20 million for new engineering research at AU

Five research groups at AU Engineering have received support from Denmark's Free Research Foundation to develop new technologies within e.g. CO2 capture, artificial antibodies, dietary supplements for intestinal bacteria and artificial intelligence.


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Dec. 2022

Christmas Dinner 2022!

Agro-Biotech group had an unforgettable Christmas eve!

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May 2022 

New professor in green technology

The green transition is about much more than energy and fuel, and large parts of industry are still entirely dependent on fossil raw materials. Chemical and biotechnological advances are vital for a sustainable future. Zheng Guo is a new professor in enzyme technology; a technology that will play a major role in the green society of the future.







May 20202

AU-Iowa State Univ symposium

This is a joint event sponsored by USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture), which aims for promotion of the knowledge exchange and education collaboration between ISU and AU, particularly in Food nanotechnology and biotechnology.


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June 2020

Danish researchers looking for rare enzyme that can break down plastics

Plastics really can be broken down, and researchers at Aarhus University have started to hunt for the unique enzymes that can do the job. The project could be ground-breaking for the plastics issue, and it opens up for a completely new field of research.

Zheng Guo, Aarhus University