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Engineering degree programmes

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in virtually all sectors of society, and this development will only continue in the future. There is strong demand for skilled engineers, and at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, we educate students to BSc Eng, MSc Eng (bachelors and graduates), and PhD levels so that they can meet the needs of business and industry. Our highly qualified graduates are educated to apply logic and creativity to find solutions to the major challenges of the future, as front runners in the technological revolution.

There are differences between our degree programmes, but innovation and development are core values for them all.

The Master of Science in Engineering degree programme (BSc + MSc) takes a total of five years, and with an MSc in Engineering, our graduates are the promoters of many major changes in society in jobs in virtually all sectors where technology plays a role, both in Denmark and abroad.

The Bachelor of Engineering programme takes 3½ years, and during their studies students meet the business community in their engineering internships. Graduates with Bachelor of Engineering degrees can go directly into the labour market and contribute actively to a company, while some choose courses so they can continue their studies to MSc in Engineering level.

As a graduate engineer you can also pursue a career in research if you supplement your studies with a PhD.

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering (in Danish):

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Meet some of our students

"A treasure hunt for something that can really make a difference"

It was important for her to choose a subject with perspectives, and a subject she could feel at home with.

This is because Marie has big plans for what she wants to do with her degree.

"I want to feel that my work makes a difference for people or the environment and nature. I want to develop something big that can really change something. Maybe enzymes or cells that can produce a substance that can cure cancer or something. Find something completely new. A treasure hunt for something that can really make a difference for a lot of people. That’s what I’m looking for. And there are fantastic opportunities here," she says.

Engineering students make it easier and cheaper to measure air pollution

In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, two chemical engineering students from Aarhus University have developed and built a mobile measuring station that will make it easier and cheaper to measure air pollution in local urban areas.

“I think it’s very exciting, and the thought of making a difference really appeals to me. I’d like to help reduce pollution of the environment and nature, and I think trying to reduce particle pollution is a good place to start”, Jacob says.