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  1. SOWEMIS: Systems for Sows with high animal Welfare and low Emissions

    Hansen, M. J. (Project manager), Guldberg, L. B. (Participant), Feilberg, A. (Participant) & Garcia Perez, P. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  2. GREENSLURRY: Inoculum removal and inhibition for reduction of greenhouse gases from slurry

    Hansen, M. J. (Project manager), Guldberg, L. B. (Participant), Feilberg, A. (Participant), Vazifehkhoran, A. H. (Participant), Nørgaard, J. V. (Participant) & Sattarova, E. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  3. Annual update of normative values for N, P and K in animal manure

    Børsting, C. F. (Project manager), Sørensen, M. T. (Participant), Lund, P. (Participant), Hellwing, A. L. F. (Participant), van der Heide, M. E. (Participant), Kai, P. (Collaborator), Hansen, M. J. (Collaborator) & Adamsen, A. P. S. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  4. Extending the Danish Normative Values for Animal Manure to include carbon to model the emission of green house gasses from farm animals, stables and storage

    Børsting, C. F. (Project manager), Lund, P. (Participant), Sørensen, M. T. (Participant), Nørgaard, J. V. (Participant), Woyengo, T. A. (Participant), Weisbjerg, M. R. (Participant), Lashkari, S. (Participant), Hellwing, A. L. F. (Participant), Adamsen, A. P. S. (Participant), Dalby, F. R. (Participant), Hansen, M. J. (Participant), Kai, P. (Participant), Hafner, S. D. (Participant), Møller, H. B. (Participant), Nielsen, O.-K. (Participant), Mikkelsen, M. H. (Participant), Albrektsen, R. (Participant) & Gyldenkærne, S. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  5. LESS: Low Emission Slurry Storages

    Guldberg, L. B. (Participant), Hansen, M. J. (Participant), Adamsen, A. P. S. (Participant), Heidarzadeh, A. (Participant), Feilberg, A. (Participant) & Lemes Perschke, Y. M. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  6. CH4VENT: Methane removal in surface crust of manure storage tanks with dynamic ventilation control

    Petersen, S. O. (PI), Ma, C. (Participant), Guldberg, L. B. (Participant), Dalby, F. R. (Participant) & Ambrose, H. W. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  7. PIGMET: Model based prediction of methane emission from pig production facilities

    Hansen, M. J. (Project manager) & Dalby, F. R. (Participant)


    Project: Research

  8. STOREMIS: Greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from treated and untreated liquid slurry storage.

    Guldberg, L. B. (PI), Dalby, F. R. (PI), Adamsen, A. P. S. (PI), Hansen, M. J. (Participant), Feilberg, A. (Participant) & Scheutz, C. (PI)


    Project: Research

  9. Ny metode til regulering af lugt fra grisestalde

    Hansen, M. J. (PI)


    Project: Research