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Low-Emission Livestock Facilities

Livestock facilities for pig, cattle, and poultry are major sources of greenhouse gases, ammonia, and odorants.

Greenhouse gas emission affects the carbon footprint of the production output (e.g. meat and milk), ammonia affects the nitrogen deposition in the surrounding ecosystem, and odorants are a nuisance to people near the livestock facilities.

Manure is the major source of emissions in livestock facilities and it is crucial to develop mitigation strategies that can lower the emissions from manure.

The research and development focus on low-emission liquid manure systems (e.g. funnel-based slurry system, slurry acidification, and slurry additives) and the interaction with housing, flooring, and ventilation system to achieve mitigation strategies with effect on both greenhouse gases, ammonia, and odor.

Our research facilities allows us to perform studies ranging from in-vitro laboratory studies with slurry in reactors to full-scale studies with animals in our Emission laboratory at AU-Foulum.


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