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Microbial Technologies for Clean Water

The research group Microbial Technologies for Clean Water is specialized in processes at the interplay between microorganisms and pollutants in water.

We exploit the variety of biochemical processes that are catalyzed by microorganism and investigate how microbes can be optimally managed in biotechnologies to produce clean water and recover valuable products from wastewater.

We work on innovative microbial technologies to remove micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, biocides and hormones and to recover energy, nutrients and other valuable chemicals from wastewater.

To obtain a comprehensive picture of the main toxicants in water, we develop and apply advanced bioanalytical methods for effect-directed analysis of micropollutants.

Main research areas:

  • Advanced water treatment technologies for removal of micropollutants
  • Effect-directed analysis of micropollutants to bridge the gap between biological and chemical water quality analysis
  • Resource recovery from wastewater
  • Oil spill bioremediation in Arctic marine environments

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