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APPLAUSE. In the large-scale industrial project, APPLAUSE (Apple • Aarhus University • Sustainable Energy), we work together with Apple Inc. to develop new knowledge and technology for the production of renewable energy from biomasses including. The activities include: (1) biological pretreatment of recalcitrant biomasses; (2) new technologies for converting surplus electricity to bio-methane; (3) purification technologies for treating biogas before injection to the gas grid; (4) new models for modelling production and consumption of green electricity.

ElectroGas. In ElectroGas we develop new technology for biomethanation together Danish industrial partners as well as Danish and foreign universities. Link to project page. 

ATS from biogas. Together with Haldor Topsøe and Unisense, developer of industrial catalysts and sensors, respectively, we construct and demonstrate new catalytic technology for converting hydrogen sulfide in biogas to the valuable fertilizer, ammonium thiosulfate.