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February 7, 2020We are very excited to initiate the student-sourcing project Tiny Earth (tinyearth.wisc.edu) as part of our 1st year course: Biotechnological Project I
January 27, 2020Welcome to all of our new students. Master students Katrine and Mathias will be working together with Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. Bachelor students Marie, Tobias, and Stine will be working on secondary metabolites from actinomycetes
October 1, 2019Welcome to our new postdoc Daniela Garcia and intern Paul Chopin

September 1, 2019

Malene Wollesen started as a master student in the lab in a close collaboration with Thomas Poulsen, Dept. of Chemistry

July 1, 2019 Frederikke Dybdahl Andersen started as a research assistant in the lab.
June 14, 2019 Frederikke and Mia defended their Master theses. Congrats to both of them. 
February 1, 2019 Camilla Kjeldgaard Larsen started as an Industrial PhD student together with Novo Nordisk.
November 25, 2018 The Innovation Fund Denmark has funded our Industrial PhD together with Novo Nordisk
September 28, 2018 The lab's first M.Sc Camilla Kjeldgaard Larsen has graduated - Congrats to Camilla!
September 10, 2018Our lab has received funding from the Villum Fonden to accelerate the discovery of new natural products through image recognition and machine learning. A two-year postdoc will be available from early 2019
September 7, 2018Our synergy proposal with Prof. Andreas Schramm from Microbiology has been funded by the Faculty. This will help of build a strong foundation for identifying new antibiotics as well as invite key expects for a lecture series our the next two years. 

August 16, 2018

The next chapter on the APD-CLDs are now available at Cell Chemical Biology


August 15, 2018Welcome to all of our new students! Cecilie as an intern, Karina, Charlotte, Maiken, Mathias, and Katrine will be doing their bachelor projects, while Mia and Frederikke will be working on their master thesis.
May 4, 2018Our collaboration with the Poulsen Lab on Stendomycin is now available on JOC: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.joc.8b00553
Dec 15, 2017

Thanks to the Carlsberg Foundation for funding our new semi-prep HPLC