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  1. A Complete Transformation PAth for C-C backboned plastic wastes to high-value Chemicals and materials

    Zheng Guo , Bekir Engin Eser , Patrick Biller & Tina Kousted

    Beyond the state-of-the art technologies, ACTPAC will design and deploy new catalysts and cross-metathesis modes for highly active and selective metathesis of PE into linear alkanes with a narrow distribution range (C6-C18, >90%). Two separate systems: multi- enzyme machinery assembled in the recombinant cells, and metabolic engineered yeast system, dedicated to the transformation of alkanes into monomers will be developed. Monomers of diversified chain-lengths will be used for the synthesis of polyesters presenting different properties and polymer performances, assignable for various applications. A zero-waste solution to the plastic waste management is thus created to keep them out of the environment, and reclaim their values. The new properties and specific applications of the new polyester plastics produced from upcycling of PE waste will bring up the SMEs with new business opportunities by scalable, flexible and robust multi-product manufacturing processes for on-demand and small-volume output production.Description


  2. Light-dependent multi-enzymatic synthesis of biofuels from sustainable resources

    Paul Santner , Bekir Engin Eser , Selin Kara , Santiago Nahuel Chanquia & Frank Hollmann

    Utilizing an unusual, light-dependent enzyme from a microalga to convert oils and fats from sustainable sources into ready-to-use biofuels.Description