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Employees at Process & Materials Engineering

Are you looking for an employee at Section of Process & Materials Engineering? On this page you can find all the employees associated with the Section of Process & Materials Engineering - Department of Biological & Chemical Engineering, Aarhus University.

Below you can find a list of all the employees, their name, job title, email, phone-number, and the building at Aarhus University where they are currently working from:

List of Employees

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Pelaez, Andres Camilo Acosta PhD Student andresacosta@bce.au.dk
Adamsen, Magnus Sejr Research Assistant msa@bce.au.dk
Ahmed, Sheikh Jamil Postdoc sheikh.ahmed@bce.au.dk
Ammari, Ali Postdoc a.ammari@bce.au.dk
Anastasakis, Konstantinos Associate Professor kanastasakis@bce.au.dk +4593508945
Andersen, Catrine Holm Research Assistant cha@bce.au.dk
Annadatha, Sowmya Member of Administrative Staff sann@bce.au.dk
Asghari Alamdari, Armin Postdoc armin@bce.au.dk
Awadakkam, Sreenavya Postdoc srna@bce.au.dk
Bennedsen, Jeanette Marianne D Associate Professor jmdb@bce.au.dk +4521367355 5250, 2.46
Bentien, Anders Professor bentien@bce.au.dk +4530369515 5794
Berdiyeva, Perizat Postdoc perizatb@bce.au.dk
Biller, Patrick Associate Professor pbiller@bce.au.dk
Bousrez, Guillaume Postdoc guillaume.bousrez@bce.au.dk
Brown, Lara O'Dwyer Academic Technical Staff odwyerbrown@bce.au.dk +4593522119
Catalano, Jacopo Associate Professor jcatalano@au.dk +4523354693
Drazevic, Emil Associate Professor edrazevic@bce.au.dk
Frank, Sara PhD Student sarafrank@bce.au.dk
From, Thomas Norup PhD Student thomasfrom@bce.au.dk
Ganda, Elvis Tinashe Postdoc elvis.t.ganda@bce.au.dk
Golrokhsani, Ahmad PhD Student ahmad.sani@bce.au.dk
Groven, Rune Kjærgaard PhD Student runekg@bce.au.dk
Gundelund Jensen, Mogens Buildings Technician mogj@bce.au.dk +4521694133 8907
Hamdi, Zakaria Postdoc zakaria@bce.au.dk
Hammond, Oliver Postdoc oh@bce.au.dk
Helmig, Kristian Bek PhD Student kbh@bce.au.dk
Henriksen, Martin Lahn Assistant Professor lahn@bce.au.dk
Hinge, Mogens Associate Professor hinge@bce.au.dk +4522770555 5794
Hohn, Albert Otto Erich PhD Student albert.hohn@bce.au.dk
Hooshmand, Sara Postdoc sarah@bce.au.dk
Hu, Jing Postdoc jing@bce.au.dk
Hussain, Arif Postdoc arifhussain@bce.au.dk
Johannsen, Ib Honorary associate professor ibj@bce.au.dk +4521356050
Jørgensen, Kasper Lindvig Research Assistant kasperlj@bce.au.dk
Kjeldsen, Theis Ajs Senior Machinist tak@bce.au.dk +4526854674
Kragh-Schwarz, Marcus PhD Student au591083@bce.au.dk
Kristensen, Kasper Associate Professor kasperk@bce.au.dk +4530278496
Læsaa, Søren PhD Student laesaa@bce.au.dk
Larsen, Line Vestergaard Administrative Assistant livl@bce.au.dk +4593508050 8907
Laursen, Torben Harregaard Senior Machinist tl@bce.au.dk +4520634119 L38
Linding Frederiksen, Morten PhD Student mlf@bce.au.dk
Lock, Nina Associate Professor nlock@bce.au.dk +4593521816 5794
López Fetzer, Damian Estuardo Postdoc damianf@bce.au.dk
Mahler, Anne-Sophie Høgh Research Assistant asma@bce.au.dk
Marks, Melissa Postdoc mmarks@bce.au.dk
Møller, Ida Krejberg Member of Administrative Staff ikm@bce.au.dk
Møller Hansen, Mogens Buildings Manager mogensm.hansen@bce.au.dk +4520762732 8907
Mshanetskyi, Leonid Technical Staff Member leonid.mshanetskyi@bce.au.dk
Mudring, Anja Verena Professor anja-verena.mudring@bce.au.dk
Nia, Pooria Moozarm Postdoc pooriamn@bce.au.dk