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  1. MechanoGeometry

    Catalina Suarez Londoño & Jens Vinge Nygaard

    Recent research has revealed that cells are affected by their surroundings and structural changes around them. However, it is not completely understood how this plays out. This project intends to delve into the intricate interaction between cellular response and mechanical cues.

    Utilizing Jens Vinge Nygaard's biomaterial, the project examines the impact of structural alterations on cell behavior. Mathematical models, acting as blueprints, are being developed to digitally represent these environments, aiding predictions of cell behavior through computational models. 3D and 2D images are used to create these blueprints. Techniques such as stereology, stochastic geometry, and biomechanics are integrated to identify the biomaterial traits. This approach not only seeks to validate existing theories but also push the boundaries of understanding how cells react to their mechanical surroundings, which is of high importance in stem cell engineering.