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Employees at Industrial Biotechnology

Are you looking for an employee at Section of Industrial Biotechnology? On this page you can find all the employees associated with the Section of Industrial Biotechnology - Department of Biological & Chemical Engineering, Aarhus University.

Below you can find a list of all the employees, their name, job title, email, phone-number, and the building at Aarhus University where they are currently working from:

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Thidemann, Anders Klausholm Associate Professor akth@bce.au.dk +4523823061 5250, 2.05
Thomsen, Trine Laboratory Technician tt@bce.au.dk +4560950785 5250
Tomazetto, Geizecler Postdoc geizetomazetto@bce.au.dk 5250
Tørring, Thomas Associate Professor thomast@bce.au.dk
Tvilum, Marie Selch PhD Student mt@bce.au.dk
Wijesooriya, Madhuni Madhushika PhD Student mmw@bce.au.dk
Zhang, Yan Postdoc yanzhang@bce.au.dk 3141