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Collaborating with students on a Bachelor of Engineering project

If your company has a specific issue, a study project (semester project or B.Eng project) on the Bachelor of Engineering programme may be an option. Collaboration with a student typically spans one semester (6 months). The project is agreed between the student, a project supervisor and the company.

By entering into a close collaboration with students on study-related projects, companies often acquire valuable, direct contact with the engineers of the future, and they can initiate recruitment efforts among young people, even while they are still under education.

The project or the internship should be based on an academic issue, and it should fit into the student's course of study so that the project contributes to the student's learning.

Do you have a project proposal?

We regularly receive project proposals from companies, and these are made available to students in an internal project catalogue. If you have any suggestions for a possible project, you can talk to one of our project coordinators. Their contact information is below.

What is a project proposal?

A project proposal for a B.Eng project is an issue or problem for solution collaboratively between students and businesses. The proposal can come through several channels. A student may have established contact with to a company in connection with an internship, or the student may have got an idea for a project through a study programme.

Want to find out more?

Do you have a project proposal or do you want to work together with a Bachelor of Engineering student to solve a specific project? Please contact our project coordinator for the Bachelor of Engineering programmes:


Keld Lars Bak

Deputy Head of Department