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Terms of agreement for Bachelor of Engineering students

Confidentiality Agreements, Bachelor of Engineering students

All agreements of a certain scope or significance between the department and a company must be in writing.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between the company and students/supervisor

AU lawyers at the Technology Transfer Office, TTO, have prepared a standard contract in Danish and English. The contract (student agreement) can be found in the box to the right under Fast Track Agreements. The contract should be completed in the fields marked in yellow.

Groups writing together should write their names, addresses, etc. into the same agreement. Otherwise, neither the students nor the supervisor may share confidential knowledge with each other, as this would then be shared with "third party", i.e. one that is not part of the agreement.

The standard contract can be signed in its original format by both parties, after which it comes into force. In this case, the degree programme director may sign for AU. 

The contract with all signatures should be sent/handed in to Andreas Røge Jepsen, Gustav Wieds Vej 10D, 8000 Aarhus C, arj@bce.au.dk, who will make sure that the contract is filed and subsequently sent to the TTO. 

The standard contract should always be presented as a first proposal to the company with which you wish to collaborate. If the company wishes to add/change the standard contract or to use its own contract, contact arj@bce.au.dk, who will ask for the contract to be processed by the TTO. Deviations from the standard contract must always be signed by the head of department on behalf of AU.

Confidentiality agreements without AU as a party

In connection with contracts entered into by students and external companies, Aarhus University cannot be held liable for legal counselling for students.

Aarhus University has tried to consider the interests of students in preparing the standard contract, but students constitute a contracting party independent of Aarhus University.

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