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Biofilter for odor abatement

Full-scale research biofilter for odor abatement

Biogenic fossil-free biogas and natural gas is today produced from organic waste products through the process of anaerobic digestion on biogas plants all over the world. Although the anaerobic digestion process constitute an important source of fossil-free methane, which can directly substitute natural gas from fossil sources, the process is also associated with the production of different odorous compounds.

Odor associated with the production of biogas is today one of the primary causes for NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) challenging the construction and operation of new biogas plants in Denmark and other densely populated areas.

To tackle these challenges, AU BCE operate a full-scale test biofilter, equipped for development and test of different environmental technologies for air treatment and odor abatement. The filter is operated by the biogas plant’s technical staff and handles an hourly load of 3000-4000 m3 air from the plant’s different tanks and facilities.

The filter was deployed in November 2020 and is designed for development and test of odor abatement technology, through the following:

  • Four separate filter sections in parallel
  • Separate air-flow regulation
  • Flexible operation of filter trickling
  • Equipment of sensors for chemical and physical parameters
  • Possibilities for connecting online analytical equipment (e.g. PTR-MS)
  • Possibilities for connection to external units for odor abatement

The filter hereby enables academic and industrial research and development of technologies under realistic conditions.



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