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Hydrothermal Processing

Biomasses can act as building blocks for much more than just energy. Conversion into polymer products and composite materials are especially interesting with respect to re-cycling of materials and being an alternative to oil-based products. One of our main research areas is the application of hydrothermal processes, these mimick the natural formation of fossil fuels. At the  Center for Biorefining Technologies (CBT) we have developed pilot scale reactors for hydrothermal liquefaction and carbonisation to produce sustainalbe bio-crude and hydro-char in the hundreds of kgs. 

Our aim is to establish the Center for Biorefining Technologies  as a central point in Denmark for upscaling and integration of biorefining technologies. 

The Strategic foci of the Centre for Biorefining Technologies are:

  1. Biorefining for Value added products: Feed, chemicals and fuels
  2. Engineering science in biorefining processes – Efficiency
  3. Develop processes in pilot/demo scale - Scalability
  4. Synergy in combined biorefining processes – Process integration

The Centre has a wide range of pilot scale equipment available in the kg-ton scale per hour. We are always eager to collaborate if you wish to test your biorefining technology at larger scale. 

Examples of our pilot scale equipment includes:

  • Hydrothermal liquefaction pilot plant
  • Hydrothermal Carbonization pilot plant
  • Catalytic Hydrotreatment  
  • Fermentation
  • Pre-treatment (Extrusion)
  • Green Protein pilot plant
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Membrane separation (Ultra-, nano-, micro-, RO)