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Integrative Omics for the Discovery of Novel Natural Products

Lecture by Tilmann Weber, Technical University of Denmark

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mandag 20. november 2023, kl. 12:15 - . kl.


iNANO Auditorium 1593-012


Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

The genetic potential to synthesize specialized metabolites by far exceeds the number of experimentally observed molecules. With decreased costs of obtaining high-quality genome sequences, in silico genome mining has become an indispensable tool to complement the classical chemistry-centered approach to identify and characterize
novel secondary / specialized metabolites. Bioinformatics platforms, such as the opensource genome mining pipeline antiSMASH (https://antismash.secondarymetabolites.org), which we develop in collaboration with the group of M. Medema (U. Wageningen, Netherlands; see talk by Kai Blin) give us convenient access to assess the genetic potential of microbial producers of natural products.

In order to make practical use of these in silico obtained data, efficient engineering approaches for the specialized metabolite producers, in our case filamentous actinomycetes, are required. We have therefore developed an extensive CRISPR-based toolkit for streptomycetes that also includes tools that utilize multiplexing and DSB-free
base editing technology.

These tools allowed us to identify and characterize various novel BGCs in actinomycetes such as the epemicin, pyracrimycin or gargantulide BGCs

Coffee will be served prior to the lecture