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Correlation between learning objectives and learning activities in the course “Introduction to Biotechnology”

BCE, Industrial Biotechnology Section Seminar Series - Speaker: Sanne Overby (Lektor, Teaching group)

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Friday 8 March 2024,  at 12:30 - 13:30


Gustav Wieds Vej 10C, 8000 Aarhus C, Building 3130, Room 303


Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Today's presentation will focus on the courses "Introduction to Biotechnology/Bioproduction Techniques". Courses offered at first semester at both the B.Eng. Biotechnology and B.Sc. Biotechnology programs. Until now, the courses have been conducted as two separate courses with different learning objectives, learning activities, and instructors, although there are many similarities. On both programs, the courses have not received high evaluations from either students or instructors.

From fall 2024, the courses will continue to be part of the first semester for both programs but it will merge to one course with similar learning objectives, learning activities and with the same instructors. The course will be conducted in two tracks, where each program will have its own class, and instructors will repeat each lesson twice.

In the fall 2023, the course at the B.Eng. Biotechnology program underwent a significant development process, introducing new learning objectives, activities, and instructors. The experiences from this development process will contribute to shape the new course "Introduction to Biotechnology" shared between the two Biotechnology programs.

This presentation will thus cover these experiences, introduce new thoughts on learning, and open a discussion on what we aim to achieve by having an introductory course at the programs.