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Power-to-X conference: "a green transition game changer"

A future society powered by sustainable energy sources will need storage technologies and sustainable fuels, as well as chemicals with high energy density for carbon-based industries and infrastructure. Here, Power-to-X technologies play a crucial role.

Aarhus University is hosting a Power-to-X conference in early June and invites all interested parties to register. Photo: AU

On 15 March the Danish government reached a broad political agreement on Power-to-X (P2X) technologies, including calls for tenders worth DKK 1.25 billion. The aim is to develop and implement technologies on a large scale that can convert green power to hydrogen and other sustainable fuels for ships, aircraft, trucks, energy-intensive industries, etc.

On 1-3 June 2022, Aarhus University will be hosting the first Aarhus-based P2X conference, gathering industries, businesses and knowledge centres on the development of P2X technologies.

Bringing together all existing knowledge in the field is crucial to kickstart a Danish P2X industry and ultimately help a future sustainable society. Stiesdal Hydrogen A/S, who is participating in the conference, share this opinion:

"We believe that the 'hydrogen hype' is justified now, and that there's a huge potential for the green transition and for companies working with green hydrogen. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty and much has still to be developed, so for us at Stiesdal, it's vital that we maintain a strong collaborative relationship with research and knowledge institutions in Denmark. Our interaction with researchers gives us insight into the most recent knowledge in the field and all parties benefit from collaborating on technology development. Such collaboration is essential in a transitional period like this, as we work to establish the basis for an entirely new industry in Denmark," says Anders Vangsgaard Nielsen, who is head of engineering at Stiesdal Hydrogen.

Professor and Head of Department Lars Ottosen from the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering at Aarhus University agrees:

"We already have viable and market-ready first-generation P2X technologies, and, hopefully, the political agreement will act as a catalyst for the P2X industry and development of next generation technologies. P2X technologies are a green transition game changer, and it's important that we continue to reinforce our research within this area. We have only just embarked on this new business adventure, and a new industry needs underpinning from knowledge development to ensure its proper integration into society," he says.

The Horsens-based metalworking company, Elplatek A/S, is also participating in the conference. The company welcomes the government's P2X proposal and sees great perspectives in Denmark leading the way with new technologies that could be crucial for the green transition.

"I work with P2X projects at Elplatek, and we're in the process of building a biogas-to-methanol system that will be tested by Lemvig Biogas later this year. Elplatek believes there is a great business potential in developing new sustainable technologies. It's important for us to have our finger firmly on the pulse of developments in the P2X area, and I see the conference as an obvious opportunity to network with important companies and people in the industry," says Jan Pihl Rasmussen, project manager at Elplatek A/S.

The P2X conference on 1-3 June, known as the Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium, will have a number of prominent national and international speakers from industry and academia.

There will be speakers from the Danish company Haldor Topsøe A/S, the California Institute of Technology, the German Aviation Centre, the power-to-gas company Electrochaea GmbH, and the Canadian tech company, Enerkem. See the list of speakers in the conference programme here.

Registration is via this link.

The conference will be held jointly by Energy Cluster Denmark, the Danish Center for Energy Storage (DaCES), the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and Aarhus University. The conference is being funded in part by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


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