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Collaboration with students on bachelor projects and Master's theses

By entering into a collaboration with students on study-related projects at Bachelor’s or Master's degree level, you can achieve valuable, direct contact with the engineers of the future. You can also start a recruitment initiative among the young people during their studies.

Bachelor’s and Master’s projects

Many engineering students work with companies on Bachelor’s and Master's projects.

As a general rule, there are no expenses for the company associated with a Bachelor’s or Master's project, but we recommend that the company assists with the provision of relevant data and experiments, and helps with travelling expenses, if relevant. If specialist test equipment, prototypes, test subjects, etc. are required, the company is expected to pay for this in part or in full.

To get something out of a Bachelor’s or Master's project, it is important that the company allow time for supervision.

Do you have a project proposal or do you want to work together with a Bachelor’s or Master’s student on a specific project? Then contact us to learn more about the possibilities:

The Project Bank - Application process

To enable more students and companies to collaborate we have the Student Project Bank where your company can list potential project ideas. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Register your projects in the Student Project bank.
  2. Match your project with a research area (ME, CAE, BCE, ECE).
  3. We will match your project with relevant supervisors.
  4. Supervisors and company contacts shape the project.
  5. Supervisor will match your project with students.
  6. Final adjustment between supervisors, company and student.

Want to know more?

Do you have a project proposal or do you want to work together with a Bachelor or Master of Engineering student to solve a specific project? Please contact us about the possibilities: